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Bodyglove began in 1955 when California lifeguards Bill and Bob Meistrell opened the first dive-and-surf shop in the world and developed the first functional wetsuit. Decades and multiple generations of innovation later, Bodyglove at the head of swimwear and wetsuit development, sponsoring world-class surfers and surf events every year.


When we started working with Body Glove on building out a paid search funnel, they were looking for a strategy to provide short-term profitability while building a relevant keyword base for future growth. 

Body Glove’s products range from fashionable swimwear to technical equipment such as SUPs and life vests. These product groups have target audiences with different online shopping behaviors. For example, a customer might buy a cute bikini while taking time to decide on their next surfboard. 

Therefore, we had to build an account structure that would ultimately grow into a profitable Google Ads account: Fashion eCommerce. R2G Digital provided full control over these product groups to allocate resources where online sales were most likely to happen.

We use separate campaigns for different parts of the marketing funnel, optimizing the account towards profitability while showing ads to consumers in the “consideration phase” of their search queries. This way, we maximized important keywords while saving money on the long-term ones with lower conversion rates. 

With continued optimization and correspondence with the client, we discovered new profitable keywords and channels to reach our target audience. 

Within two months, we had scaled BodyGlove’s revenue to 6 figures, with a 21X ROAS growth and 10x branded search awareness growth.

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