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Denise Austin is a well-known fitness instructor,

author, and columnist, with a long-running exercise television program Getting Fit with Denise Austin on ESPN. She promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides membership programs for people over the age of 40 who want to stay healthy and fit. 


When we started working with Denise Austin, she was looking for a strategy that could provide long-term growth within the online space, and a better acquisition process (or funnel) for her online annual membership program. The client wanted to scale the account as much as possible, targeting women in their 40's who were seeking help to stay fit and healthy and establishing the "voice of Denise Austin" (or the brand) among the competition. 

The fitness and wellness industry is very competitive, with plenty of adversaries and saturated ad channels. Moreover, Denise Austin's main product, the yearly membership, requires a major commitment from the user. With these obstacles in mind, we needed to differentiate the brand from similar competitors and restructure the funnel to increase bottom line for sales and overall brand awareness. 


Since customers don’t normally sign up for offers during their first visit, we implemented a full-funnel, multi-step acquisition process.

Our ad tests revealed that we needed to provide value at the top of the sales funnel, including e-book and blog content, as well as free fitness challenges. This way, we presented Denise Austin as a fitness expert instead of a merchant.


After that, we used our follow-up (re-marketing) ads to further strengthen our sales message to re-engage with users who showed intent on their first visit but were not ready to sign up/order.  

At the bottom of the funnel, targeted users who have had some activity/action on our site earlier in the funnel.


Within a year, we increased the number of sales by 189.37% and membership acquisition rate by 5%. Overall, revenue increased by 473.43%

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