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Founded in 2008, KT Tape has become the global leader

in kinesiology tape and sports recovery products.

They dedicate themselves to helping athletes perform at the height of their ability. KT distributes health products globally to medical and sports teams as well as individuals through major retailers, sports stores, and other distributors.

When we began work with KT Tape, we focused on designing and launching shopping campaigns in order to have better placement than regular search campaigns by featuring images of the products as part of the ads. 


To maximize ad performance, we added more ad extensions to every campaign in order to raise Quality Scores, increase ad size on SERP, and lower CPC (cost per click), and segmented ad groups by landing pages. We also ran extensive testing to target the correct audiences according to our analytics data, taking into consideration ad schedules, age, location, and other audience lists. It’s critical to separate audiences by the purpose of their visit. 


As a result, within a month, click rate increased by 15%, with the average CPC (cost per click) being 7.3% lower. Overall conversions increased by nearly 19%, with CPA (cost per acquisition) being nearly 11% lower.



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